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Flowers or Candy? A New Wedding Trend

Posted on September 29 2019

There's a new trend and it's super sweet! Cotton candy bouquets! My only problem with making the switch to Cotton Candy is whether or not my "bouquet" would actually make it down the aisle with me!

Source: George Street Photo & Delish

You can check out this blog link from Delish to see more examples of cotton candy bouquets to make sure it's right for your wedding. And wow, if you could figure out how to make rainbow cotton candy a part of your big day, why not!


Cotton Candy not for you?

If you are thinking of taking a more traditional route, here are some great options for Fall. This bouquet with it's bright blue notes is softened by including some cotton flowers.

cotton wedding bouquet

I heard from a little bird, maybe her name was Martha, that small bouquets are BIG in 2019. This one has traditional autumn colors and it's beauty is in it's simplicity.

You can't go wrong with traditional red rose bouquets. This option with it's rich red and a small amount of bling is an excellent choice and perfect for Fall through Winter.

Whatever you decide to pick, candy or flowers, let's just hope people don't start taking this trend too far! No matter what we are wishing you a SWEET wedding!







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