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From Bridal Party Shirts to Gift Bingo: Setting Up a Stellar Bridal Shower

Posted on February 01 2019

Brides have enough to worry about, which is why it’s time for them to step back and let their best friends (that’s you!) plan the fun. Bridesmaids, go ahead and send your gal off on a “me day” – or else call up her partner-to-be and arrange for a day of around-town adventures – while you organize her brida shower.

Choose the Theme and the Perfect Bridal Party Shirts

If your gal pal loves all things coastal, she’ll appreciate a party filled with sunny seaside vibes. A bride more into horseback riding or cabin retreats will love a rustic theme, while a girl with glam in her heart will know there’s no such thing as too much glitz and glamour.

Now that you’ve picked the theme, you’ll want matching bridal party shirts that help make the bride feel special. You can choose one just for the bride, or you can add in maid of honor and bridesmaid tees too. One of the best ways to celebrate is to wear these shirts at the bridal party for those “impromptu” group photos, or else at a bachelorette party while you hit the town. A photo of smiling gal pals will be a fond memento for the bride.

Follow Proper Invitation Etiquette

For this part you’ll want to get a glimpse of the bride and groom’s wedding list, but whatever you do, don’t invite someone to the party if they aren’t invited to the wedding itself. That’ll just end in hurt feelings – not to mention awkward conversations during the inevitable run-in at a coffee shop or grocery store. 

Bridal party invitations typically go out to women from both sides: mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts and cousins. They also go to close friends and bridesmaids not involved in planning the event. 

Of course, you’ll need to consider whether the bride is okay with inviting a specific relative to the wedding but would prefer not to make small talk with her at a more intimate bridal party. Don’t put the bride in an uncomfortable position! 

Consider Home Cooking

Some brides prefer a big event with catering and the whole works, but not all hosts can afford to meet those goals. Bridal party hosts typically include the maid of honor and a few of the bridesmaids, or possibly the mother of the bride, too. However you fit into the bunch, you might prefer to DIY the food to make it yummy on a budget. 

Never underestimate the power of home cooking! Decide on bridal shower appetizers and desserts or a full-on meal, and then assign categories to ensure people don’t bring duplicates – unless of course you’re a kitchen superstar and plan to do it all yourself.

Plan Out Gifts and Games

You know that a bridal party isn’t complete without gifts and games, right? But you don’t have to stick to picking from a registry (unless you want to!) – thoughtful homemade gifts like a personalized cookbook, a custom wedding frame, a countdown to the wedding, a basket of wine for the “firsts” or even a wedding day survival kit can have lasting impact.

You’ll also want to plan some bridal shower games to keep guests entertained. Need to keep the games more neutral? Choose ones like Gift Bingo, Wedding Jeopardy, Wedding Charades and Purse Raid. If the group isn’t afraid of potential embarrassment, games like Newlyweds, Two Truths and a Lie, and Guess the Cake Flavor would work as well.

Shower your gal pal with love and then help her get ready for the big day!



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