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Unique Ideas to Elevate Your Big Day

Posted on April 01 2019

Amazing weddings all have one thing in common; they feature unique, beautiful touches that make them stand out above the rest. Are you looking for the wow factor for your wedding? Look no further than these inspirational weddings, where the difference is definitely in the details!

Take Your Pictures To Another Level

Custom photo props can be the difference between a pretty picture and one that will be blown up and hung over the mantle for everyone to admire.  Take your wedding photos to the next level by adding an interesting frame or sign as a focal point. The extra frame can highlight the happy couple or the beautiful venue, turning it into an immediate portrait.  Adding some floral elements or small decorative touches can turn a simple object into a custom part of the wedding photography. 

Don't Be Afraid to Stand Out

Brides, on your wedding day, all eyes will be on you (as they should be)!  Don't be afraid to find a dress that will make you shine at the center of all that attention.  Look for a dress that makes you feel amazing, and one that is the perfect compliment to your theme and location.  A shimmery, light-weight dress is the show stopper for this woodsy/beach wedding, and it really highlights the airy feel of the venue.

Most brides want to be the only one in white, but this bride had an all white wedding, and the result was breathtaking.  The classic look of a monochrome palette creates a level of sophistication through its simplicity.  From the bridesmaid dresses to the cake, all the white elements of this wedding make it stand out as elegant and timeless. 

Customized Details

The smallest details can really make the biggest impact, and they can transform your dream wedding vision into a reality.  From the centerpieces to the invitations, every design element will define the overall feel of your big day.  Earthy centerpieces for a rustic wedding can bring the outdoors into the venue, and are the perfect focal point for a fall reception.  The use of a custom monogram is also a fantastic way to make the day all about you and your partner.   Designing a wedding logo will set your day apart, and make it an event that everyone will remember!   






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