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Personalization & Branding Services

Looking for something unique and made for just your wedding? We can customize and personalize our shirts, jewelry, mugs, pins and tumblers to match your wedding colors and theme. Contact us for a free design consultation using the contact form below. We would love to work with you to create something amazing!

Branding Your Wedding

Imagine the best wedding you've ever attended. What made it memorable? We've found that the most epic wedding celebrations have personal touches from the bride and groom that truly represent the couple and tie the entire event together. If you want to elevate your big day from the mundane to the magnificent, brand your wedding. We can help you develop and achieve an event to remember. We'll walk you through these three ways to brand your wedding: 

Make a Wedding Vision Board

You could create this on Pinterest or go old school and cut out pictures from a magazine and paste them on poster board. Either way works but isn’t very easy to share with vendors and wedding planners. We create a style board with you that you can easily pass along to all of those involved in the planning process so that your dream wedding is realized. We'll help you identify the look and feel that you want to emulate for your big day. We'll select colors, textures, fonts, and other pertinent design elements. Once you've made these selections, they will influence the decisions you make about vendors, decor, decoration, supplies, your dress, invitations, bridal party gifts, and all of the other details that make your wedding unique to you.

Design a Logo

Once we've worked together to decide what types of visuals you want to theme your nuptials, we'll select a logo that you can use with anything related to your wedding. You can choose a pre-designed logo or make a custom design that reflects what's important to you as a couple and coordinates with your theme and style board. Once you have the logo, you can use it throughout the wedding celebrations: cocktail napkins to be placed around the reception, on a giveaway for wedding guests, stamped on a welcome bag or water bottle for out-of-town guests, wedding websites, Facebook pages, on your wedding invitation and thank you cards.

Incorporate Personalized Products

We'll never stop referencing your style board during every step of the planning process. It will be useful for every element of wedding planning, especially when considering decor and products. We can help you design and source products for your wedding. For example, if your wedding theme has a rustic feel, we'll show you some natural decor to use on your big day. Themed decorations can be placed along the aisle, as centerpieces, bridal bouquets, or boutonnieres. We can get you customized products or source non-custom supplies and decorations to match your theme and reduce your stress. 

There are opportunities to brand your wedding from the events leading up to and including the wedding day, even your honeymoon. Contact us using the form below and we'll help you create a personalized event to remember. We can't wait to work with you!